Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Evil Empire (movement)

I have just found out that the Evil Empire has just moved from their old forums. The new one can be found here. I'm still trying to check out everything and see if there are additions. Oh yeah, registrations is open to everyone but beware of stealing their links for they will deliver just actions towards people who steal their links. And believe me when I say, their administration has ways to know and find if people are stealing links from them. Well, I will try to post here any new findings I can find in the new Evil Empire but i bid everyone a good day for now.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Now Accesable through .TK!

Just found this site while I was browsing through the web. This site is great! It gives you the option of getting a .tk domain name for free or paying for your domain. This is their services if you register with either a free or paid domain.

Free domain Paid domain
URL Forwarding yes yes
Email Forwarding yes yes
Traffic Management yes yes
Free Banner removal - yes
Legal ownership of your domain - yes
Dot TK DNS Service - yes
Your own DNS - yes
Hits counter - yes
Banner Marketing - yes

This would help a lot to bloggers who still don't have a domain name out there yet. I just recently registered, if anybody was wondering. Beside my usual, you can also access this site by inputting or If ever you find a better domain host, you can cancel your domain with them anytime by logging in your account and clicking the cancel domain link. Anyways, just thought I should share what i found and report that my site can be accessed through .tk now and if you want, you can register here.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Taken from mmosite:

“Supa-Supa” is a bright and pretty shooting game that pretty character boarding flying vehicle fight against enemies. A beginner can enjoy easily the game because it has easy operation systems and simple rules. Various events during the game make a player feel like playing a new game whenever he plays.

Dynamic Supa Supa
Various weapons and actions of various characters
Various weapons – machine gun, laser gun, deathblow, hammer and so on - suspenseful plays can be enjoyed with various and splendid weapons
Actions of characters – characters change their appearance while chatting and acts magnificently during the game

Dynamic Fighting modes and quest modes
Monster hunting and PVP
Monster hunting modes: diverse quest and variously and frighteningly appearing monsters and bosses
PVP modes: varied modes of fighting / utmost suspense can be felt on various maps

Special event of variety
Game which affords freshness
During the game lots of special events are provided and users can always appreciate each game is different from each other.

The Story: (taken from mmosite)

Several hundred million years ago. There was Great Demon, a man of misfortune, who lived only on gold. However, gold was so expensive that he had to skip meals everyday. He wanted to get rid of the curse but he had no way. One day, from a witch of an island of volcano, he learned how to get away from the destiny. The only place where every kind of precious gold of the world is found. He determined to get the key to the Dazzling Mine of Gold. Once he get the key, he can have all the gold in the mine only for himself, living in comfort. To lauch an attack, he gathered friends who can help him, and named them the people of Great Demon.

They were comprised of the private first class who is a spy from the Country of Toy Soldier, the wicked eldest sister of Cinderella, the cockroach Blabaruce, the rotten cracker, the useless broken roller coaster, and so on. They were discontented with the society, and agreed from the bottoms of their hearts on the Great Demon’s plot that they should take all the gold of the whole world and make a society of their own. The Great Demon’s plot was carried out one by one and at last they seized the Dazzling Mine of Gold, and successfully got the key. Since then every gold of the world disappeared and as they were deprived of gold that was used as a money they depended on the barter system. Development of the culture began to disturbed. People with no alternative ways continued to have a hard time….

n the meantime, it is a village by a beach on the island of Parota. A strange letter from an unknown sender arrived to Titi, an ordinary boy of thirteen years old. The letter was from his grandfather who left far away for the Dazzling Mine of Gold when Titi was younger. The letter revealed that the Dazzling Mine of Gold, which was the source of gold for the world, was in a crisis and the crisis was caused by Great Demon. His grandfather asked Titi that he should open the door of Dazzling Mine of Gold seized by Great Demon, and let the gold to be supplied to the world again. The only people who could accomplish that mission were Titi’s family who inherited the blood of gold for generations. Titi left for the Mine to get back the key to the Mine and defeat Great Demon. He was accompanied by Mano, a close friend from his childhood. As gold disappeared from the world, Mano’s father lost his job at a gold storage. Mano was infuriated by that and, hearing the story of the Mine, decided to accompany Titi to get back the key. Also Ellis, an antagonistic girl friend at school, joined them. Ellis enjoyed bothering Titi and Mano at school. As they were about to leave, she got sick worried of feeling bored while left alone. Ellis’ parents could not help but to ask Titi and Mano to take her along with them. They didn’t want to but, after all, decided to take her along. According to the letter from Titi’s grandfather, to get back the Mine, precious metals of 6 nations should be obtained. Personalities of the people of the nations are so peculiar that they didn’t like foreigners to come into their land. It wouldn’t be easy. However, the bow was already stringed and the only thing to be done is to hit the target. Let’s cheer them up for their success !!!

My Review of the Game:

Well, the game is one of those shooting games which is fun to play. It is especially unique because it is one of the few shooting games(if not the only one) which has cute graphics. It is a bit addictive when you first play it but as time went on for me, it just became a game which is really fun to play when i'm tired of serious online games and i need to wind down and relax. Overall, it is one of the games that I would recommend to people if they need a game to relax and enjoy.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Taken from Game Ogre:

Rakion is a free 3D MMORPG with a console game flavor that focuses on PvP and team play. You can also describe Rakion as a combat action game. Do not expect an MMO where you grind monsters in a huge persistent world and then go on quests. Instead, Rakion acts more like a MMO sport with different modes of game play and using rounds. Each round usually consists of 2 to 3 steps to be completed. Each game is then 4 to 6 rounds. In addition to contending with up to 10 people on an opposing team, you also fight Golems like the one pictured in the screen above. That said, Rakion is primarily for gamers looking for plenty of fast-paced PvP action.

User Review

Author: RyanForEva
Rating: 8
Comment: I played this game and it is seriously good for a free game. I will show you how its rated professionally:

Graphics - 8/10....Very well-done graphics.
Sound - 8/10.......Yes, very nice sound too.
Gameplay - 10/10....Like a first person shooter game except MMORPG, which is nice cause its also depending upon your skills. There are also different attacks and combos!
Story - 0/10.......I hate to say this but, NO story!

Okay now for the game details:
5 classes - Warrior, BlackSmith, Archer, Mage, Ninja
Items - Many items in this game, but the problem is more than 40% are cash items.
Pets - Yeah, that is right. You can get your own pets for attacking enemies, but not really useful.
Skills - No skills sorry.
Combos - Each class have different combos like left mouse button + right mouse button and so on.
Maps - Around 15 battle maps and 20 stage maps. To start playing in a fight is like GunBound. Join a room or create one.

My review:

Frankly, RyanForEva pretty much hits the spot on the game. Everything is basically very good except for the no story whatsoever part. The game play is really based on the skill of the player and I can personally vouch for that. The 40% of items being cash items is true also. It also is hard to save up for the items that you want especially if the player is a beginner. Also, its one of those game that you would think of playing if you're really bored. This game is being hosted by mobius here in the Philippines and you can download it in here.

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As you probably can see, I have just recently added ClickComments on my blog. This enables people who doesn't like putting personal information to comment to comment indirectly. I found out about this from gmtristan. This helps both bloggers and readers alike since bloggers would know what readers think about their post and people would be able to comment without the hassle and for those people who wants to advertise using comments, there is still the comment link anyway :P. Well, that's all I can say about ClickComments and I hope it would be useful.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stumble Upon

This toolbar is great! I would really recommend that you download the toolbar. Its a great way to pass time when you're bored. You just have to click the stumble button which looks exactly like the icon on the right and it will lead you to a site which is under the category of those thing you specified you liked. To other bloggers like me, you can click the i like it button which looks like the icon on the left to add your site to your stumbled list and people who added you as their friend can check it out. You can also post your blog in your profile so people will know you have a blog. When you stumble your site, you provide the categories, reviews, etc. Anyway, it also helps you find some cool stuff on the web which other people like and if you don't like it, just press the thumb down button on the right of the I like it button so it avoids sites like the ones you don't like. That's all for now and good day to everyone!

Stumble Upon Toolbar

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Finally finished watching the series! This anime is great! I really recommend people to watch this anime. The final episodes were a bit too dramatic for my taste but all in all its a great watch. As you can probably guess, I downloaded the series from Too bad they didn't have the whole series though. They only had up to episode 21 which is a bummer but good thing TV links had the whole series which made up for the three unaccounted for episodes in veoh. The story is about a guy named Rin who is currently living with Kaede because his parents died when he was little and Kaede's dad took him in because he was friends with Rin's parents. His life became interesting when there were reports of 2 new students coming in to school. These 2 students were both female and one was a god while the other was a demon. These 2 students happened to know Rin when they were a child who came to earth because their fathers had business to attend to. It so happens that Rin had played with both of them when they were a child and they were lost. Because of that experience, these 2 came back and joined the school in order to get close to Rin since they had decided that they want Rin to become their husband. Anyway, just watch it for yourself since I don't want to spoil the story too much. Good day to everyone and have fun!

Stumble Upon Toolbar

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